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Changing lives in Nicaragua and America 

Connecticut Quest for Peace is a non-profit organization
that provides humanitarian aid
to the poor of Nicaragua through a variety of initiatives.
Humanitarian Cargo Aid
CT Quest’s humanitarian cargo aid program lets you deliver a gift directly from your own hands to needy Nicaragua families.
Make a lasting difference in the world, and improve the global economic outlook, invest in a poor child’s education.
Community Programs
Your gift to Connecticut Quest for Peace does more than provide aid to needy Nicaraguans. It starts a relationship.
Your donation to Connecticut Quest for Peace’s microfinance program provides small loans to resourceful Nicaraguans. 
Medicine & Healthcare
Community-based healthcare stretches your donated dollars. You can make it available to poor families who need it most. 

Lend a hand –

not a handout

97% of your gift to
Connecticut Quest for Peace goes directly to the poorest Nicaraguan children and families.
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