Recycle used items to help Nicaragua’s poor

If you’re like most Americans, your garage, cupboards and closets overflow with summer clothes, toys, tools, office equipment and home items.  Now you can contribute items that are in good condition and get a generous tax deduction—while you help some of the planet’s poorest people.


The Nicaraguan government has decided that all schools will now teach English. So we really need children's story books, picture dictionaries in Spanish and/or English dictionaries, dictionaries in Spanish and/or English, easy reading teen short stories and novels. 

Donate your gently used items to Connecticut Quest for Peace today. Call Bill Evans at (203) 216-2115.

Your throwaways are worth millions to needy people

Since 1985, CT Quest has collected donations from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut neighbors like you, packed dozens of cargo containers and trucked hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of humanitarian aid to Nicaragua. With each truckload of donated goods valued at over $150,000, your donations have provided needy Nicaraguans with more than $10 million worth of goods over the last 38 years.

How to Recycle Your Things


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