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Meet Our Board Members & Volunteers

With diverse backgrounds in Business, Medicine, Law, Teaching, Theology, Theater and Social Work, our Board and extended Connecticut Quest for Peace community and volunteers bring a wealth of knowledge and creativity to their endeavors. This honorary talented staff of CT Quest handles the sorting and packing of donations, as well as administrative duties, including program development and management, fundraising, communications, marketing and financial oversight.

Bill Evans, President

Bill first traveled in 2002 with Randy and Linda Klein and eight other Americans to Nicaragua to visit missions and centers supported by Connecticut Quest for Peace.

Maureen Shanley, Vice-President

Maureen’s vocation was teaching, but her avocation is community service.

Carol Ferraro, Secretary

Since retirement in 2006, Carol continues to volunteer in her former school and also for Americares and The Fairfield Senior Center.

Bob Ferraro, Treasurer

Since retirement in 2008, Bob has been enjoying volunteering with CT Quest for Peace and Habitat for Humanity in Bridgeport. In October 2017, Bob took on the role as Treasurer for CT Quest.

Linda and Randy Klein, Founders

Randy claims that he and Linda became organizational leaders for CT Quest by default: Randy says, “We were the only people who showed up” for the organization’s first informational meeting in 1989.

Marielos Bonilla
Michael Hauck
Elisabeth Heggie 
Gloria Maria Montoya
All-volunteer Staff Manages Programs and Administration

In order to maximize your donated dollars and deliver as much aid as possible directly to Nicaragua’s neediest, CT Quest runs a very lean operation.


All administration, fundraising, communications and marketing are managed by our board and an extended network of skilled, talented and unpaid volunteers. This frugality lets us funnel 97% of donated dollars directly to programs in Nicaragua.

Please think about joining our team. Learn more about volunteering with CT Quest.

Help us cut postage costs and spend more of our budget on aid to Nicaragua’s poor: Add your name to our online mailing list.

Meet our Volunteers

In addition to the executive Board, our Quest community includes the following dedicated and highly talented volunteers.

Ana Astudillo

Carl Bailey

Binti Bana

Angela Carmona

Maria Elena Castilians

Charlie's Closet, Guilford, CT 

Marie Cohen

Marilyn Correa

Ann Deignan

Kathleen Deignan

Gail Faithful

Kevin Funk

Liliana Geldmacher

Arnelly Giraldo

Sarah Hassan

Gerry Heminway & Friends

Immaculate Conception Church, East Chester, NY

Laura Klauberg

German Lopez

Sebastian Lopez

Ariadna Lopez

Consuelo Lopez Bravo

Nicholas Marin

Beatriz Mantilla

Jane McCaffrey

Gloria Maria Montoya

NCL (National Charity League)

North Madison Congregational Church, Madison, CT

Maria Paruma

Ingrid Polonius

Tom Quinn

Maria Renzulli

Ann Stubbs

Irene Tabares

Thread Collective, 6th Ave, NYC

Bernice Ullman

Ursuline School of New Rochelle, NY

Natalia Velasquez

Maria Velasquez

Alejandro Velasquez

Nancy Urquijo

Supported by the Giuliani Foundation

CT Quest for Peace is supported by a generous grant from the Amalia & Nicola Giuliani Foundation for Religion & the Arts.  Additional information here.

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