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Lend a Hand – Not a Handout

Humanitarian Cargo Aid

The backbone of CT Quest’s work in Nicaragua, our donated cargo shipments do triple service: They provide quality goods to the poor, create funding for community programs and build relationships between you and the people of Nicaragua.


We support education programs that help Nicaraguans rise from poverty individually and nationally. According to Worldfund, without dramatically improved education, Latin American children will not develop the necessary skills needed to compete in our increasingly competitive global economy.

Medicine & Healthcare

Healthcare delivered to desperately underserved communities—two-thirds of all Nicaraguans live without basic healthcare.


Microfinance programs that give small loans to women to fund home-based businesses, keep families intact and rebuild neighborhoods.

Community Programs

Community initiatives that feed street children, serve destitute Nicaraguan elders, and support Nicaraguan culture through after-school arts programs.

Nicaraguan community-based partners

make the most of your donated dollar

Rather than work through third-party administrators, we partner with Nicaragua’s neediest through trusted community-based organizations in Nicaragua. Programs are developed and managed by  Teresian SistersSisters of SionFe y AlegriaCatholic Medical Mission Board, lay workers and other non-profit organizations.


Because many of our partners embrace lives of poverty and voluntarily live among Nicaragua’s most destitute, they are uniquely qualified to identify and develop essential initiatives that empower poor Nicaraguans to make lasting change.


In addition to program development, our community-based partners provide solid administrative infrastructure, a track record of accountability—and extraordinary ability to stretch funds for maximum benefit.


All CT Quest-funded humanitarian aid programs are provided freely to needy Nicaraguans regardless of religion, creed, race or tribal origin.

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