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Randy Klein Dies at 77

Randy and Linda Klein
Randy and Linda Klein

It is very sad for us to report that Randy Klein died on October 1st. He had been in ill health for several years, but it’s still difficult to realize that he is gone. Randy and his wife Linda were largely responsible for rejuvenating, in the early 90’s, CT Quest for Peace which had begun at the Benedictine Grange a decade earlier. Their passion and love for the poor of Nicaragua was manifested in their many trips to the country and the strong relationships they forged with missions there that served the poor. In the last decade they lived in Managua for many years, returning to the United States just a couple years ago when Randy’s health began to decline. It is somehow fitting that his death occurred in the week when we celebrated our continuing commitment to Nicaragua at FIESTA NICARAGUA.

In a condolence message, one friend wrote: “I always remember Linda telling me that Randy was so overwhelmed by the need they saw on their first trip to Nicaragua that she had to dissuade him from giving away the shoes on his feet. She told him that he had to keep them so he could walk and witness.” Randy’s witness has been inspirational for decades now. It will continue.

An obituary appears here.



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