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Learn More About Nicaragua

Map of Nicaragua. Locate CT Quest programs on this helpful map.


News BBC. The news website of the British Broadcasting Corporation provides a quick historical, economic and political overview of Nicaragua.


Nicaragua Photo is the website of photographer, essayist and author–Footprint Nicaragua–Richard Leonardi. Browse this site for gorgeous art-quality photos and thoughtful essays on Nicaragua.


Grameen Bank is the inspiration for CT Quest’s microlending program. Visit their website to learn about “banking for the poor” and Grameen’s Nobel Laureate founder Muhammad Yunus.



“In Nicaragua, everyone is a poet until proven otherwise,” according to Grenadine poet, José Coronel Urtecho.


Read an excerpt from Richard Leonardi’s essay, A Tale of Two Poets, Nicaragua’s Passion for Poetry.




For a great list of books on Nicaragua, see this bibliography from Nicaragua: Living in the Shadow of the Eagle.




Josefanava, sung by Luis Enrique Mejia Godoy, a popular Nicaraguan singer. This mp3 was emailed to us by Marling Lainez, principal of CT Quest-funded San Ignacio School. According to Marling, the song tells the story of education’s transformative power. “When someone learns to read and write,” explains Marling, “he opens his eyes. For one who lives in the darkness, it converts the cloud of ash to clarity.”


Read the lyrics to songs by Ernesto Cardenal and Rubén Darío.

Friends Share Nicaragua Stories

Our friends, donors and board members love to share stories about Nicaragua and its people:


Read about CT Quest’s microlending program as told by CT Quest friend, J. Humphrey.

Read a letter  from children of Pochomil, Nicaragua, written to CT Quest coordinators, Randy and Linda Klein.


Like to tell others about your experience with Nicaragua? Contact us.

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