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Nicaragua as a Personal Journey

It’s a fact that your gift to needy Nicaraguan families changes their lives. But here’s a lesser-known truism: Your connection to Nicaragua’s poor can transform your life.


For many people, work with Connecticut Quest for Peace has become a life changing experience. As they provide struggling Nicaraguan neighbors with options for self-help, freedom, fulfillment and creativity, many American volunteers, donors and friends report receiving these gifts in kind.


Preferential Option for the Poor


CT Quest coordinators Randy and Linda Klein  increasingly find their lives enriched by social action.  Randy explains that working in solidarity with Nicaragua’s needy, he and Linda feel they share these peoples’ “longing for liberation and the thirst for justice.”


“Joining them,” claims Randy, “is as natural as a drink of water. We can never truly feel what the poor feel, but we can draw near them in sympathy by trying.”


Begin your own journey


At CT Quest you have an open invitation to enter the lives of Nicaragua’s neediest:​

  • Learn more about Nicaragua’s rich culture and its people’s struggle for justice and freedom. Take a look at our Nica resources where you’ll find online links to sites about Nicaragua, recommended books, recipes and more.

  • Learn why Nicaragua is called “the nation of poets.” Read Nicaraguan poetry.

  • Frame a photo of a Nicaraguan child and place it among pictures of your children or family—or carry it in your wallet. Visit our Photo Gallery, choose a photo of a child who touches your heart and print the photo.

  • Include Nicaragua in your Lenten, Ramadan or Yom Kippur devotions: As part of your observance, learn more about Nicaragua from your library or from our Nica resources.  If you fast, consider giving a portion of the money saved from your food budget to a program for needy Nicaraguan families.

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